Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Myth: Rand Paul opposes Voter ID

According to some conservative media sources, Rand Paul opposes Voter ID. Is this true?

As usual, the media took Paul's comments out of context and wrote headlines he would totally disagree with.

“I know about voter fraud and that there have to be rules and states have the ability to do it,” Paul said. “But I’ve also said Republicans should be emphasizing the good things we’re trying to do to try to help minorities vote instead of the things many minorities feel is directed at them, rightly or wrongly. … So So I do object to overemphasizing something that is turning people off.”
What he is saying makes a lot of sense. Republicans must first assure minorities that, in spite of the narrative of the Democratic party, they are not racist.

If minorities are brainwashed to think that Voter ID is racist, they won't even listen to you. That is why it should not be overemphasized. Rather, Republicans can focus on bringing minorities into the party, show them what they actually believe, and then they will have no problem with Voter ID.

The myth that Rand Paul opposes Voter ID is totally untrue. He just has a smarter strategy for enacting it, one that will also help grow the GOP.

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